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However, if you wish to remain in contact with us, no action is required on your part. We assure you that measures have been put in place to safeguard your data and personal information (as defined in POPIA), if it’s processed by SACAU. The purpose for processing any such personal information is to ensure that our database is populated with accurate information, which personal information we collect electronically and process when you use our digital platforms online, or when you contact us electronically or manually for whatever reason.

Should you as a user of our services wish to submit a notice of objection in terms of section 11(3) of POPIA to the continued processing of such personal information in question, you may request Form 1 of the Regulations to POPIA from us, to complete. A valid notice of objection must then be submitted to us on Form 1 by email or fax, stipulating (amongst others):

  • full names and residential or postal or business address of the complainant
  • unique identifier/identity number of the complainant
  • written or electronic signature of the complainant
  • the reason for the objection
  • identification of the right that has allegedly been infringed
  • identification of the material or activity that allegedly infringes upon this right
  • the remedial action requested
  • the telephonic and electronic contact details of the complainant
  • a statement that the complainant is acting in good faith
  • a statement confirming the information is true and correct, or that specifies why not.

If we receive a notice of objection that we deem legally valid, we will promptly remove the content and inform the complainant and, if necessary, any third party involved. Note that we absolve ourselves of any liability that may arise as a result of the removal of content in response to the said notice of objection.